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A Revolution in Hair Care - Naturally Preservative Free

Our Dream Hair Care -The Velvet Collection

Our dream was to offer an all natural certified organic hair care system that revolutionised the concept of environmentally friendly ingredients, while offering professional level performance, and a gorgeous fragrance to boot!

Our formulations are self preserving, and effectively prevent microbial contamination without traditional preservatives.

Introducing Velvet, hair care that offers velvety smooth hair, delicately scented with organic pomegranate flower, with a scientific formulation that will change how you think about preservatives in hair care. 

A Prebiotic Foundation

Scalp care is being touted as the new hair care. It is essential for strong hair growth that the hair follicle environment remains healthy.  We know that everything applied to the skin and scalp can penetrate through the follicles and pores, so we commissioned our formulations with the "no baddies philosophy”. 

By baddies, we mean no ingredients in our formulations that could cause harm, such as micro-inflammation to the scalp and follicles, as well as those ingredients that can harm the delicate balance of the scalp's beneficial microbes.

It is well understood in food science that prebiotics exert real benefits on human gut health. Prebiotics are a source of bacterial food which promote the growth and activity of good bacteria in the gut. 

Prebiotics are broken down by our gut’s beneficial bacteria into short-chain fatty acids that are released into blood circulation, consequently affecting not only the gut, but also other distant organs. In the follicle, beneficial bacteria break down the various components of our sebum, the oil our skin naturally produces, into short-chain fatty acids that are released onto our skin to reinforce our natural protective acid mantle, constantly balancing the scalp's pH.  

Perfect for Sensitive Scalps

In addition to maintaining and supporting pH, these commensal healthy bacteria are vital in defending our scalp against the pathogenic bacteria that, if allowed to take over, cause dandruff, itching, hair fall and sensitive scalp.

Just as we know that getting rid of preservatives in our diet is vital to supporting the gut microbiome, at Megan Potter we are acutely aware that we cannot create a beautiful prebiotic hair care regime if it is loaded with biocidal preservatives. Therefore, our approach to formulating products consists of crafting hair care that is rich in living plant ingredients (prebiotics), in formulations that are preservative-free.

So how do we achieve this? Preservation through Hurdle Technology

We know it’s critically important that our hair care products are protected from microorganisms to ensure product longevity and safety for our customers. To achieve this, while simultaneously not harming the scalp's natural microbiome, we had to rethink traditional biocidal preservation.

Instead of using one powerful biocidal preservative, creating multiple barriers or “hurdles” to microbial growth, we focused on adding natural ingredient hurdles within our formulations to keep microorganisms in check. 

Megan Potter’s Alternative Preservation concept includes a combination of individual ingredients that symbiotically create a complete system that works within our formulations as microbial growth “hurdles”.  These hurdles provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial control in the bottle, but once diluted and applied to the skin and scalp these actives convert to microbial food to support the natural microbiome.  These natural ingredients are all certified renewable, and as such are safe for the planet too.

The Result

Self-Preserving Hair Care; Healthy, safe hair care products that can effectively prevent microbial contamination without the baddies, utilising renewable plant-based ingredients.


Mandy x


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