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Are Your Natural Plant Actives Counterfeit?

The Correct Environment

Plants are amazing; when grown in the correct environment they emit beneficial bacterial growth to ward of harm from insects, diseases, and the effects of the weather. These vital chemicals are what give plants medicinal actives, actives we can benefit from in our skin and hair care formulations. But if you grow a plant out of its natural habitat, or grow it synthetically, all of the benefits are unlikely to be generated.

Harvest Time

It is imperative that harvesting plants for their oils must be done at the correct season for the plant leaves, roots, stems and/or flowers to have within them the beneficial actives. If a plant is harvested too early in the plant’s life, or if the soil conditions are not optimal, or at the incorrect time of the year, the wonderful active components we want in our skin care are unlikely to be present in significant quantities, if at all.



For a plant oil to qualify as Organic it must be processed using physical methods, and not through harsh chemical processing. Green Chemistry must be used at all stages of the processing and manufacturing of our organic plant oils. The gentler green chemistry principles and processes preserve the actives within the leaves, roots, stems and flowers, making the active components available for high quality performing skin and hair care products.


Cheap knock offs

Sometimes the plant oils, essential oils and extracts in skin and hair care are partially or entirely counterfeit! Just like designer handbags, there is money to be made in producing fake plant oils, and as cosmetic formulators it is very difficult for us to independently assess ingredients for the presence of actives. For example, I want our Camellia Seed Oil to be abundant with Vitamins A, B, C, D, Omega 3, 6 and 9, and plant-based collagen … but testing for such components would be costly and time consuming. Therefore I trust farmers, processors, manufactures and suppliers who have been independently certified organic by Australian Certified Organic to the COSMOS standard. It takes the guess work out for us as formulators, and offers our customers a guarantee that they are getting what they pay for.

You can trust a product when it contains a true organic certification logo:



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This blog has been inspired by the inspirational haircare formulator Peter Francis.

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