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It's time to party - time for sexy smoky eyes!

It's time to party!

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I just love smoky looks for the evening with a barely-there lip. This look can be easily adapted using any of our other eye shadow quads but I find the Belly Dancer quad can look beautiful on just about everyone.

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I can colour match your foundation for free when you purchase our Mineral Foundation! 

Just click here.

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Suitable substitutes

This look will work with any of our eye shadow quads or you might have some similar colours in your kit at home. If you’d prefer to soften the look either skip the shadow liner step or swap to Dark Brown shadow liner with Brown lash duo. You can also swap the lip balm for Stolen Kiss or Creative Warrior lipstick. 

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Are you one of Nat Tucker’s Boss Babes?  Here are a few colour ideas for you to try according to your Colour Type:  


Not sure what colour type you are? Just pick the colours that you’re drawn to, or do the Be The Boss In Your Wardrobe course with Nat Tucker to know for sure.

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If you give any of my tutorials a go I’d love to see the finished product! Share a photo in our private Facebook group.  You can ask me questions here too!

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