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Megan Potter Certifications

Our natural mineral and organic makeup is made from the purest ingredients available and is safe for those with allergies, rosacea, acne and sensitive skin including those undergoing medical treatments.


MEGAN POTTER COSMETICS are formulated with ingredients that are not known or suspected to cause harm to human health or the environment.  

This has been independently reviewed and confirmed by Safe Cosmetics Australia and 100% of our cosmetics are deemed to be Certified Toxin Free, Certified Made Safe, Certified Allergen Free and Certified Vegan.

Our cosmetics are certified eczema safe, non-sensitising and clinically formulated for sensitive skin as substantiated by Save Cosmetics Australia.

Cruelty Free

Choose Cruelty Free LTD have certified that we do not have any products or product ingredients that have been tested on animals or contain ingredients derived from animals or wildlife.

Australian Made

MEGAN POTTER is proud to be an Australian privately owned and operated business. We are dedicated to sourcing our mineral and organic ingredients from Australia whenever possible.

Organic Beauty Brands

Megan Potter is endorsed by Organic Beauty Brands, an industry leader in certifying and promoting organic cosmetic products.