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FAQs | Skin & Hair Care

Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I cleanse with oil?

Cleansing with an organic plant-based oil will clean without stripping away all your natural oils.   Many commercial cleansers overly dry our faces, leaving us with a squeaky-clean feel.  To compensate and re-balance our skin starts to overproduce oil.  Pairing our Organic Gentle Cleansing Oil with a warm to hot damp face washer will dissolve and remove all the cleansing oil along with your makeup, leaving your skin feeling clean and moist.  


How do I cleanse with oil?

Here’s a video to demonstrate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ3JxAZyj1Q


How do I apply the facial oil?

Warm one pump between your palms, then press onto your face. Here’s a video to demonstrate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MJZGRnWV54


I have oily skin and/or acne, won’t an oil moisturiser make my skin worse?

Overly stripping oily skin to get rid of oily shine causes your skin to produce even more oil to compensate! High quality natural oils can help balance your skins oil production, get rid of excess oil on your face and minimize the appearance of pores.

Our Organic Healing Facial Oil will help to improve your acne while providing all the beauty benefits of a natural moisturiser.  Arnica oil helps to reduce skin irritation and redness.  The hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic and cannot block pores while it moisturises and balances your skin’s own oil production, and the eucalyptus helps to heal acne.  One pump after you shower is all you need.


Healing Facial Oil is unavailable. When will it be back in stock?

Due to a current Australia wide shortage of refined organic hemp seed oil this product is unavailable. Unfortunately, we don’t have a return date yet but we expect it to be early 2021.


Why is MEGAN POTTER moisturiser made only with oils?

Essentially all moisturisers are a blend of water (up to 70%) and oil, and coat our skin to prevent evaporation.  The water is simply a bulking agent as placing water onto your skin does not hydrate it.  We hydrate our skin from the inside out by drinking water.

Ingredients are added to bind the water and oil and prevent them from separating, and preservatives are added to provide a long shelf life.  Once you remove all the unnecessary ingredients you are left with only oil.  


How often do I use the facial oil?

In humid climates you should need 1 pump of Facial Oil once per 24 hours, just after you shower.  In dry climates and those with dry skin, apply 1 pump every 12 hours, morning and night.


Why do you suggest using a face washer?

We suggest using a warm damp face washer daily to remove the Organic Gentle Cleansing Oil as part of your once daily skin care routine. It provides exfoliation, gentle enough to do every day but effective enough not to warrant needing a manual scrub or exfoliation product.


I’ve just started using your skin care and am experiencing some flakiness, is this normal?

Yes, some people experience flakiness for a few different reasons. It can be exfoliation due to using a face washer daily or the skin adjusting to using plant based and essential oils. Rest assured it is not an allergic reaction and your skin will settle down after a few weeks. Our skin cells take approximately 28 days to turn over, this process is called desquamation so give your skin time to renew. There is no need to use extra facial oil, just stick to 1 pump per application.


Do you offer a cream moisturiser?

In 2021 we plan to introduce an Organic Intensive Moisturising Butter.  This product is the closest we will have to a traditional cream moisturiser.  Most creams are made from combining water and oil together with binding ingredients, and as such are diluted.  Our Organic Intensive Moisturising Butter will have a natural oil base, either shea butter or mango butter, and natural essential oils – absolutely no water.


Are your oils safe for sensitive skin?

If you have very sensitive skin or tree nut allergies, we recommend that you use our Organic Nurturing Facial Oil on your face and body, or our Organic Gentle Cleansing Oil as a cleanser and as your whole body moisturiser.  


Are your oils safe for the eye area?

Absolutely.  All our oil skin care products bar one are safe to place in and around your eyes.  The only exception in our entire range is the Organic Butter.


Will I need an eye cream?

After using one of our Facial Oils most people do not need an additional eye cream.  


I’ve just started using your natural shampoo and conditioner and my hair feels oily. Is this normal?

Our hair often needs time to adjust to natural products as we move away from sulphates and dimethicones. Next time you wash your hair do a double wash to help the process along. This will help to remove some of the dimethicones from your old shampoo and conditioner. We like to use the amount of a 10c piece.


Where can I find your refund and return policy?